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Success Stories

Friends, I have already spoken to a few of you individually but wanted to share an amazing Naturopath with you, if anyone has been thinking to see one, or like me, can't get any answers from visiting your doctor. 

​For a few months now I have been feeling way off and knew that it can't just be the usual "being a mum exhaustion". Blood tests and other tests showed nothing unusual (according to my very good GP) so I decided to book in with a lady that I talk about at every one of my workshops, as she has helped thousands of people.

Long story short, a live blood analysis (which she does right there on the spot and is amaaaaazing!!!) revealed so may answers to me and I now know why I felt that way.

So if you are struggling with anything at all (you get sick more than other people, skin conditions, tummy issues or, more serious illnesses, do yourself a favour and book in! She is not just extremely knowledgeable but also a beautiful soul"

A.S– Western Australia

When I came to Maria I had a scalp condition which caused fast growing lumps on the crown of my scalp, which would break off and then start anew. I had seen a dermatologist who was unable to treat the condition successfully. After approximately six months of treatment at Maria's clinic with shampoo and lotions, the condition cleared and has never returned. Maria also correctly diagnosed me with psoriasis of the nails, which I previously thought was an unrelated condition, as it had been diagnosed as a fungal infection by a podiatrist. After 12 months of treatment the nails had improved, with the condition in remission.

D.M – Western Australia

I have been attending Maria's clinic for the past few years to receive treatment for Psoriasis.

I had tried many treatment regimes prior to attending the Clinic. This included traditional and other alternative therapies, every cream and lotion you can think of, you name it! I felt like a walking experiment and nothing ever seemed to work. I was disheartened to say the least.

Maria and her team have been a blessing in my life and I can honestly say turned my life around. I have learnt so much from Maria and her team in relation to managing my Psoriasis. A lot of people suffer in silence. You don’t need to suffer in silence with Maria.

I can highly recommend Maria  to anyone with a skin condition or just for your general well being. I can’t thank Maria and team enough for everything they have done for me.

A.B Western Australia

My association with Maria Arora has resulted in amazing improvements in both my physical and emotional well-being. Her extensive knowledge, empathy and preparedness to explain and answer all queries has given me an understanding of why things are as they are and how prescribed supplements and lifestyle changes make for a well balanced and healthy person.

Maria is a wonderful friend and an amazing practitioner.

E.A – Western Australia

I have known Maria Arora for a couple of years now and during this time have been to see her on a few occasions. I have found the whole experience a very pleasant and professional one.

Maria is a very caring lady with a tremendous amount of knowledge on how the body works . All my needs have been met with Maria and her wonderful friendly staff . I have recommended family members to Maria and they have all been extremely happy . We all feel very blessed to have Maria here in WA.

M.H – Western Australia

Just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the past year’s for you and your clinic’s treatment of clearing up my skin psoriasis. I am now able to control my skin through good diet and healthy lifestyle choice’s, the treatment has gone beyond good healthy looking skin and has shown me the advantages of taking care of your body and lifestyle and I thank you and your clinic (and Brenda) for that.

R-M – Western Australia

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